All about humus!

Love humus but bored of the simple regular taste of it? These are some simple additions to basic humus that add flavor without too much preparation involved, check out these variations!



For basic humus you will need canned chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, tahini extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper. Combine the ingredients in a food processor and combine until smooth.



For a humus that’s truly eye catching, add roasted beet, feta and dill to homemade of store bought humus to brighten both the flavor and color! It’s refreshing to the eyes and the reddish color is simply much more tempting!


admin-ajax (1)

Adding Madras curry powder and sautéing the chickpeas are the simple ways to kick up classic humus. A little Indian touch to it but could go great with Indian entree!


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Adding sliced olives to classic humus is the perfect humus variation for those who enjoy a briny flavor.


admin-ajax (3)

For humus with a zesty kick, add roasted garlic and roasted red jalapenos to classic humus. Spicy lovers should definitely try this one out!


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Za’atar is an incredibly versatile Middle Eastern spice blend hat will take basic humus to a new level. Add it to classic humus and top it with caramelized onions for and elegant presentation.

 Go guys! Experiment with your humus and do comment you experience ❤


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