We want plates!

What’s wrong with plates? Trendy restaurants which serve food on slates, in old tin cans and even in a shoe are shamed in hilarious Twitter campaign.

@wewantplates is a Twitter account which pokes fun at the weird and wonderful way in which restaurants present their food to diners.

Account was set up by Ross McGinnes, 40, from West Yorkshire after a friend posted a photo of a steak on a slate online.

Nearly 5,000 people from across the globe have followed the account.

Chef defends the use of quirky presentation, saying ‘we all like individuality and chefs are no different

A new campaign on Twitter that rails against the current foodie trend of serving up meals in novelty dishes is gathering momentum.

Steaks laid out on slabs of slate, gooey puddings on planks of wood or even dinner on a gardening spade…the backlash against domestic items being used as tableware is being spearheaded by @wewantplates, a Twitter account that is the brainchild of journalist Ross McGinnes.

In just a week, Mr McGinnes, from West Yorkshire, has already attracted some 5,000 followers with his series of witty ripostes to restaurants who have dared to inject a large portion of gimmick into their presentation of meals.

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Kitsch? Or just plain irritating? This photo of a mini garden bench was posted on the @wewantplates Twitter account, which is biting back at restaurants who use novelty ways to present food.

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Who pinched the plate? And the cutlery? A southern feast is served up on a solitary sheet of grease-proof paper with a little shopping trolley full of chips on the side

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Fancy that, it’s bread in a hat: One Twitter user was left aghast when they were served a selection of bread in a flat-cap, presumably one that hadn’t been worn

He says: ‘I set the account up a week ago after a friend posted a picture on Facebook of an average-sized steak, which had been served to him on a large chopping board.

‘It was captioned, without irony, “That is a big meal!”

‘It wasn’t a big meal – he’d fallen for all this style-over-content nonsense. I searched Twitter for an account which would allow me to vent my spleen with like-minded people, but found nothing.

‘We Want Plates was born, and has already topped 5,000 followers.’

Diners rankled by the imagination of the restaurants they’ve eaten in have been quick to send in shots of their own experiences, with bread and butter served in a flat cap, afternoon tea perfectly placed on a mini garden bench and a communal portion of spaghetti served straight on to the table top.

admin-ajax (11)

Started just a week ago, the Twitter account, run by Ross McGinnes from West Yorkshire, has already attracted plenty of attention from disgruntled diners calling for a return to simple plates

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Mamma mia! This Italian restaurant takes the words communal and table to the limit, with diners invited to tuck into a sharing portion of spaghetti and sauce on the bare surface

admin-ajax (9)

A crate idea? Tartare sauce in a tiny watering can, peas in a plant pot and fish and chips in a wooden box

admin-ajax (8)

Unique: A delicate starter is served atop a piece of stone

admin-ajax (7)

No it isn’t bedtime, yes, this is part of your dining experience. A surprised diner tucks into ‘a yoghurt ice cream “brush”, mint-eucalyptus crème “paste” and a gin and tonic’ at a restaurant in Germany

He adds: ‘I’m certainly not looking to challenge any small businesses by ‘outing’ them for their chopping boards or mini shopping trolleys of chips. The only ones that I’ve named directly, or retweeted, are the bigger chains. I’m sure they can rise above it.’

One chef willing to put his head above the parapet, Michael Wignall who runs The Latymer at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot, Surrey, said that diners would miss the inventive ideas if chefs returned to more simple tableware.

‘Why do people want different clothing or cars? Why not all drive around in the same one! After all, they all do the same job don’t they? Food is about the whole experience, we all like individuality and chefs are no different.’

So how does Mr McGinnes actually think restaurants should present their food? With little fuss, it seems. ‘Simple white plates and a well-pressed, clean table cloth. Is that too much to ask?.’

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Food can look great in mason jars (but is a pain in the @rse to eat) says Ross

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Tea time with a difference: This deconstructed brew was served with milk in test tubes

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Cheesy feet anyone? Brie balls served in suede Camper shoes might be one step too far

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Looks sharp! Butter slivers served on a broken bathroom tile won’t wash with WeWantPlates

admin-ajax (2)

Cosy crusts: Switzerland likes to serve bread slippers in restaurants

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The chopping board where it all began: Not a terribly big meal, just a ‘normal-sized meal inexplicably served on a large piece of wood,’ tweeted Ross


Evergreen and always yum: The Grain Store in London’s King’s Cross serves mushroom croquettes on bark

Hahahaha, laughing right? intrigued too right? so here it is just sharing some info on world’s crazy ideas 😉


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